Sunday, October 21, 2007

Other boys

Just realized my pic of Owen and Davis Glen didn't make my previous post. This is early Saturday morning! See post below! :)
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Busy as a Bee!

Whew...what a week and weekend. I feel like I have been in a marathon and ran it in 20 minutes!!! When is spring break?! As most of you know, I am teaching at a new school this year. It's probably the best school I have been in. I LOVE it!! The kids are "normal" which hasn't always been the case. These kids come from families that work at A&M, are doctors, lawyers, etc. You may be thinking your child's school is like that. Yes, probably so. But a lot of schools are very different! Everyone told me this school is like a private school, but I wasn't sure what they meant. Now I do! It's awesome! Friday was "Enrichment Day!" The theme was Can You Dig It? Our team (4th grade) did dinosaurs. Each teacher (6 of us) plan an activity and each 4th grade class comes into your room throughout the day to do your activity. It was a blast!!! That explains the 2 pics below. We decorated our hallway like a cave. It was awesome!
My homeroom showing off their fossils! Aren't they the cutest?! :) I LOVE them!!!!!!!
This year, I am also in charge of Student Council. Next week is Red Ribbon week, and I am in charge. I won't go into details, but with that and Enrichment day, I was about to have a nervous breakdown!!! So Thursday night--(I'm still waiting on the 8-3 job I am supposed to have!) I got home and Jason had roses waiting on me. I needed that!! Yes, that's a butter box beside them! I was making a "dinosaur delight" for all the 4th graders.
Thursday night Jason was invited to go to the A&M Nebraska game. An older doctor friend from Tyler called him and said his grandson couldn't go anymore, so Jason got to go....FREE!!! He got to fly in a charter plane and got in free. He was SUPER excited. But I had to get him to Tyler at 5am to meet the doctor friend so they could head to Dallas to fly out by 9am. So we went to Tyler Friday night and got up at 3:30am. Keep in mind we went to bed around midnight. So after a NAP that night, we headed to meet Dr. Lyles. After dropping Jason off, I headed to Ruston. NOT SMART!! I fell asleep and almost didn't make it to Ruston! I got there around 7:30am. I went straight to my sister's house so I could make it to Davis Glen's soccer game at 9am. When I arrived, Andrew wanted to show me how he could ride his bike. He made a ramp (in the background) to ride on. He's not afraid of ANYTHING!!! So I got to see Andrew ride his bike, see Davis Glen score 3 out of the 4 points in his game, and hear Owen play the piano!

After the fun, there was work to do! Last time my brother went to Ruston, he told me I had a lot of boxes in the attic to get out. I thought I went through everything already. NOPE! To make a LONG story short, I stayed up, along with my sis, and went through what seemed like a million boxes. My precious mother kept EVERYTHING...and I do mean EVERYTHING! Parents, keep the important things, but not EVERYTHING!! It was hard going through everything. My wonderful sis and I laughed and cried and made priceless memories! Needless to say, it's good to be home. Now back to work I go....
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