Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to life...back to reality!

I said in many posts that I don't have a lot to write about. We have no kids, no big trips to brag about....we just work hard each day and love life! But on November 30th, our world changed.

Jason and I were on our way home from visiting a friend at the funeral home since her daddy died. That brought back a wave of emotions. Although every situation is different, it's never easy losing a parent. My heart broke for my friend because I knew her world had been changed forever. I wanted to make her world better, but I knew I couldn't take away the pain.

Jason and I made it home and were walking in the door. My friend called to ask me to put her absence in online since she wouldn't be at work for the rest of the week. So I helped Jason light a fire in our fireplace and sat down to enter my friend's absense. Jason went to go check on our Lab puppies. 5 minutes later, BOOM!

I yelled at Jason, shaking, not sure what just happened. It was suddenly dark, and I had debris all over me, and I saw installation fly across the room. I just thought something had exploded because the fire was still going. Jason ran in, grabbed a Subway cup, and put out the fire. I got up and thought the worst was over.

That's when I saw flames. Knowing Jason just put out the fire in the fireplace, I knew that wasn't good. It was small, so I knew it would be ok. Jason and I looked at each other. He was yelling, "What do we do?" I grabbed my phone and called 911. The operator was asking all kinds of questions. When I told her what was going on, she told me to get out of the house right away. I yelled at Jason to get out, but he was trying to turn off the gas at the fireplace. The operator was telling us to get out. She was VERY firm. I got outside, but Jason stayed in. My heart was racing. Finally Jason joined me. We felt so helpless. Finally a lady arrived in a small SUV. Jason's first response was, "What good is she going to do?"

She ran in, looked at what was going on, and I could tell in her voice panic had arrived. She grabbed my arms, looked in my eyes, and said, "You need to grab anything that is important you, you're house is about to blow up."

I will never forget those words for as long as I live. Still makes me shake to think about it. I started turning in circles....what was really important to me? My first thought was my folder with the letter my mom wrote me from her death bed. No--it's just paper. The words are in my heart. All of the cards Jason has given me? The lady told me to run...get out now! So I grabbed my computer and thought--I'll have my pics!!

The next few minutes seemed like eternity. The lady asked Jason to get a water hose to the fireplace. Praise God we had a hose hooked up to the line at Ella's pen. So Jason was outside, feeding the hose inside. I was yelling for them not to ruin the floor. Silly, huh?! As I saw the water pour onto the floor and all over the TV, I had to walk away. The fire trucks were calling this lady, asking where the exact location was. So I grabbed the radio and started talking to them, while Mrs. Emily and Jason worked on the fire. I was feeling pretty good about everything because the fire had died down. A second later, the fire flew up and started taking over the ceiling. My great room was quickly burning away.

I ran to the street to wave down the fire trucks. I was really nervous. The first of 7 fire trucks arrived. The firemen jumped out, suited up and ran the hose around to the fire. I let them do their thing while I waited outside. I called a few people to let them know what was going on. Our sweet neighbors came over to check on us. That is when I lost it. It hit me what was going on.

They finally put out the fire, but the firemen couldn't tell us 100% the fire was out in the attic, so they wouldn't let us spend the night. That was a long night. When we returned around 6:30 the next morning, we didn't know what we would find. Thankfully, our house was still standing.

Little did I know what all this fire would bring. Since it was propane, the RR Commission was involved. So the next day, it seemed like a million people came into my house. Then an attorney from our insurance called us at 8PM that night. He informed me this fire would be under investigation. In other words, no one could come in to fix our house until the investigation was over. Ron, the atty, told me it would be about a week until they were done. The contractor told me it would take about 2 weeks to rebuild the burned part of the house. So in my mind, I would be home in 3 weeks.

So the sweet lady from the company that came to get all of our clothes, curtains, rugs, bedding, etc. started bagging up all of our belongings. The insurance guy told us we would have to go buy some clothes and things to last for the next few days until the company washed a few outfits and returned them.

So Jason and I checked into our hotel, thanks to a sweet friend for getting us the room--it was the college softball World Series in College Station--NO ROOMS! When we checked in and started getting ready for bed, we realized we had nothing to wear to bed....much less to wear the next day. We felt helpless. So off to Walmart to buy what we needed. I wore the same clothes for 2 days--puts everything in perspective! Then I realized I didn't have my laundry room to wash clothes. It was sinking in, and I missed home!!

Fast forward 53 calls, random people coming to my house to take pipes, pics, etc....we finally made it back home.

I wish I could say those 53 days were wonderful, but it was so very stressful. We are still not 100% finished, but at least we are home.

I could write a book on everything I learned. Main thing---God is in control, and He's bigger than any problem we face.

This was one of the most scariest times in my life. I'm hoping for a less dramatic year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

When I think about the past year, I realize what a ride it's been! Everything happens in 3s, and it was no different for the past year. We lost a dog, a job, and almost a house! Through each trial, God has taught us a lot! No doubt, He has brought us closer to Him.

I will post about our house fire one day. They still haven't started fixing it, so hopefully 2010 will bring us some luck! Until then, we will share a couch, TV, and one bathroom! I am getting spoiled to new, fresh, folded towels each day, a made up bed and hot breakfast each morning! Although those things are nice, there is nothing like home!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous 2010! I pray I grow to become more like Christ each and every day. But do you think I could do it with less drama this year?! :)

Happy New Year!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Pride and Joy!

Most people blog about their kids! Me? I blog about our pups. Here are some pics of a few of our girls and boy! :)
This is Bo--the only male. Bo is short for Gumbo! :) Gotta keep my Louisiana roots!

This is who we are calling Tux....notice the white stripe? She is SO precious! She is super smart and follows Ella EVERYWHERE! She is very inquisitive and will make a wonderful hunting dog.
Here's another pic of Bo! He's outnumbered with 6 sisters!
Here's one we call Oreo. She was crying to get her pic taken. She likes to snuggle and play with her siblings. She is a SUPER sweetie!!
One of the pups got picked out today. It was bittersweet. It someone that teaches in CSISD and lives right next to where I teach. So I will be able to keep up with Bella. Isn't that a cute name? They wanted to remember their mom, Ella. Too sweet! They are coming to get her the day before Thanksgiving.

That is about all we are up to these days. I am really ready for a break from school. I haven't had a break since school started, which is very hard. I have a SUPER SWEET class this year, but we all need a break. Basketball is starting up, which means FUN and also some late nights.

Come see us and our pups if you're around!!!
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The pups have arrived!

One yellow female (above)
One yellow (closer to white) male (above)
All the pups...even one on her back...just like Aunt Addi used to do!
5 black females (One was being a loner during this photo shoot!)
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lab pups, Anyone?

I experienced a first this past weekend. We invited a male Lab over to be our Ella's boyfriend for a while. Hopefully this will cause Ella to be a first time mommy. People ask if we are going to have kids. Nope, we are going to have puppies!!! HA! We won't know if it worked until a few weeks, but if all goes as planned, we will be welcoming some pups in the beginning of October. They will be ready to go several weeks after that. Let me know if you're interested in a pup---or 2!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

God is good!!

I'm such a slacker when it comes to my personal blog!! My life is not interesting, I have facebook and a school add that up and it equals no posts for my personal blog!

Not a lot and A LOT has happened since we moved in! Clear as mud?! Life was pretty normal until last week. Jason got word he had lost his job. It was quite eventful because the week before he was called by the owners of the company and told how wonderful he was, etc. He even asked about the future of the company, how the econonmy has affected the business, etc. He was told not to worry. Then his boss came down to ride with him and praised him. He even told Jason he needed to sell his personal truck because he had his company truck. That was on a Thursday. Monday afternoon at 1:15P.M. his boss told Jason he was in town and needed to see him to give him something. Jason was met with, "I'm having to let you go. Please get all of your personal items out of the truck. I will also need your laptop, phone, etc." Jason called me to come get him. This was also the week my sister's kids had decided to come spend the week with us.

So I called my sis and asked her to come get the boys. We were in no mood to entertain the boys, and we had some major decisions to make. Do we move? Do we sell our house? What is God trying to tell us? My sis decided to come the next day. (Bless her heart...she just THOUGHT she was getting a week of silence to work!)

The next day my sis arrived, and Jason learned a lot more about his company. Not that he wanted to know more people had been let go, but it did bring comfort to know 12 others were let go. Jason thought he had done something wrong because of how everything happened. He learned the company was $250,000 in the hole in the first quarter. His boss told him they needed to get their finances straight, then they would hire him back. thanks! You totally just put our family on the street and want us to come back.?! Bobcat paid no sev. pay and no "2 week notice". Lovely timing since we just built a house.

When Jason called me to come get him, I had a few minutes to think and pray. I was angry, sad, upset, hurt for Jason, etc. I was ready to let his boss have it. I had my speech ready to go! :) When I got to Jason, it was like the Lord shook me and made me new person. I told Jason on the phone I was going to have a few words ready for his boss. Jason agreed. Then when I got out, Jason told me not to say anything. I told him I felt the same way. Funny how God works, huh?! I hadn't met this boss because he was just hired. (That was causing some issues of anger because they didn't have money to pay my husband, but had money to hire and move this man...and he pulled up in a brand new truck!) So I walked up to him and said, "Are you Brent? Hi, I'm Carrie Owen." I shook his hand. I noticed tears in this eyes. WHAT?! He didn't look me in the eyes again.

Talk about God's timing....the week before when Brent was riding with Jason, Jason had witnessed to Brent. Brent said he went to church, etc. but Jason knew God wanted more of Brent. So after we cleaned out Jason's truck, I went to Brent and told him I was praying for him. They can't sell their house, so his wife and children haven't moved here. I told him I hope they could sell it, etc. He apologized for everything that was happening. I told him God is bigger than his and HIS ways are perfect. I told him this was not a shock to God, and He knows what is best. Brent just kind of looked at me. God is working...and if we have to go through pain for someone else to have a relationship with God, then so be it!

So we decided that if Ash would entertain the boys during the day while we got our ducks in a row, they could stay a few days. This was PERFECT! From 6-8:30PM they went to our church's Sports Camp. This allowed time for my sis and I to go get a pedicure, talk school talk, and to counsel Jason and me! :) Once again, God is good!

Fast forward to last week....JASON GOT ANOTHER JOB!! I could write 10 pages on how God worked to provide that job. But the bottom line is God is good, and HE provides in HIS timing. The timing of it all and the pain we had to go through was NOT easy. I pray it never happens again. But it also taught us to totally rely on HIM!!

Jason started his new job today. He called 2 hours later and sounded like a little kid at Christmas. He was SO happy and has already done well. Let us never forget God is good. His timing is perfect. He loves his children. This earth is NOT home, so He has to do things to bring glory to Him and bring people to his kingdom. Who are we to question His moves?

This world is a crazy place. I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. My mom used to ask me, "Carrie, is this an eternal problem?" If the answer is no, then move on. She always had the right focus. We must become less so He can become greater.

I'm getting my classroom ready for school. I teach Jumpstart, so I start earlier. I like it because I only teach 1/2 a day and get paid some more money. It's easy, and I get to know the kids before they start "real" school.

Jason and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on July 17th. He found out he got the new job on Thursday. God's timing is perfect. We could truly celebrate and enjoy it knowing Jason had a job to start on Monday.

I know this post was a lot of rambling and probably hard to follow. Sorry. Bottom line: God is good, and HIS timing in perfect. He is SO much bigger than any troubles we have.

To God be the glory...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

See message below...sorry for the craziness of this post. This is our sweet Ella!

Great room

Our house!

First, let me appologize for the photos. They are in NO order and are not turned the correct way. I am having issues with our AT&T connection and this computer doesn't have my photo program, so I am trying to do the best I can with what I have! :) Here is our home...still a work in progress! :)

This is our mailbox.

Back patio. Our garden is behind the trees. We added some bird feeders, plants, lemon tree, etc. since this pic was taken.
This is our entry. This was my mom's "medicine cabinet", so it has special meaning. Now it holds my cookbooks.

This is the entry/hall/dining room.

Hallway--this was taken for my sis so she can see the pics on the wall!

Broom closet--still need to hang hooks to hold all of it.

laundry room--excuse the mess! Jason's favorite part: the ice machine.

One guest room--still needs lots of work.

Extra bedroom continued.

Bathroom for guest bedrooms

Another guest bedroom. I got this furniture when I was 13. The little chair/desk is from my 6th grade classroom at A.E.P.

Guest bedroom with my furniture and desk. (from above)


My desk area

Corner of great room--still need to hang pic.

Great room


Another living area

View from entry

Jason's office: Aggie maroon

Bathroom for Jason's office

Our bedroom

Our bedroom

Master bathroom

Jason's side of the bathroom

My side of the bathroom. The blue blob is a pic of Louisiana one of my nephews drew! :)

Far away view of whole house.