Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life...As I Know It!

I know, I's been a while. I am still shocked to see the number of people that look at this blog. Are y'all that bored?! HA!

Let's see if I can catch you up on us...
We sold our home and moved into our new home late January. I wish it was as easy as that last sentence sounds! God was FOR SURE in charge, and He grew us. We had to totally depend on Him and He brought us closer to Him. Jason and I had heard building a house could cause a divorce, but we were on the same page through the whole process. The stress came throughout the process, but the major deal was selling the house we lived in. The family that put an offer on it moved VERY slowly. God taught us patience. Then we got a call the day before closing that our loan might not go through. WHAT?!! Apparently the underwriter didn't like that Jason put he worked for Bobcat, so the letter from his boss said Bobcat. But his paycheck said Berry Companies. They were a tad confused. But a call to Jason's boss and a letter later, we were good to go. We found out at 5P.M. that we would close at 9A.M. the next day. God taught us to totally depend on Him and wait on HIS timing. So much easier said than done. We closed on our house with no and out in 15 minutes. Then we went to close at noon on our new house. There was a problem with our survey. If we didn't close by 5P.M. we would lose our AWESOME loan rate and have to start all over. UGH! So again, it was wait and see. Again, down to the wire...everything went through. We got moved in, and I felt like a weight of bricks had been lifted off of my shoulders. God is good and faithful!!!

Then I looked around and saw all of the boxes. The fun was just beginning! :)

February brought Jason's b-day and the writing TAKS test. We went out to eat for Jason's b-day and came back to our house for dessert. It was fun. Wish I could say the same thing for the test. But walking CONSTANTLY for 7 hours in a dead silent room is not what I call fun. It's torture. Wish these crazy people that make us do that would come for a visit. No child left behind, right?! I just wanted to SIT on my behind!!

It's now March!! Jason and I went with our friend Leanna to see Hillary's group, Lady Antebellum. They performed at the Houston Rodeo. We left RIGHT after school to miss traffic and got to see them a second before the concert. The hug from Hillary made it worth it. The concert was GREAT. We went downstairs to the dressing room after the concert and got to talk to Hillary a little bit more. They were going back to the hotel room to talk, but we still had to drive back home and then get up at 6A.M. the next morning, so we didn't go. The cowboy dude drove us all to our cars, and we said our goodbyes. It was worth going, but it was too short!!

Now it's Spring Break!! My partner teacher's husband (Vince) is a coach for the track and field team at A&M, so she gave us tickets for the NCAA meet. We went Friday night. Then Sat. we watched the women A&M basketball game on TV, then headed back to the meet. The woman (which is what Vince coaches) got 2nd place overall. It was awesome!

Now it's time to order rugs for the house, put up pics and start making this place feel like our home.

I think I have caught you up on our life!!!

Happy March!