Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 years ago!

Jason and I celebrated 4 years of marriage on July 17th. I can't believe it's already been 4 years. Wow! Wonderful years!

Jason and I saw each other before we got married. I walked down the chapel aisle, where Jason was waiting for me. He wrote me a letter of what he was going to be thinking each step as I walked down. I am SO glad we saw each other before. I was very emotional...especially after the letter. He's a keeper!
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jason Owen. Whew...we made it!!
My precious girls. I don't know what I would have done without these wonderful friends throughout my life. My florist told me to let my beautiful girls decorate the stage. I agree...they are so pretty. But what makes them so special is how beautiful they are on the INSIDE. Love you girls!
Mit--college roomie from MC. She is AMAZING. She is so devoted to the Lord. She never went a day without her daily devotional time with the Lord. I learned a lot from her.

Dara Doo--college friend from MC. Dara lived right down the hall from me my freshman year in the dorm. Dara rolled her hair EVERYDAY!! She has a gentle spirit and a loving heart.

Sara Less--I was born in May, she was born in June, and we have been together ever since. Our parents hung out all the time, so we were stuck with each other. Funny thing is, we hated each other in Kinder! hehehehe! Sara is one of those friends that I can go a while without talking to, then call her, and it seems like no time has gone by. When my mom had surgery, and we were told she had cancer, Sara was the first person I called. She dropped everything to come be with me at the hospital. I could write a book about all of our memories.

Jennifer "JJ" Jones Black--we became best friends in HS when she thought she was inlove with my brother! HA! We spent practically every weekend together after that! We have been through a lot--good and bad--and she has loved me through it all!! Wow...the things I could talk about!!! :)

Shandra Miller Landrum--Shan was my icee and drive by friend. Oh the talks we had!! We thought we had it all figured out! HA! Then she became my teaching buddy. Glad we didn't have everything figured out, Shan! :)

Mandy Ginn--Miss Mandy--we grew up together, but became better friends when we lived together during our Tech days. This girl is amazing! We liked to sing, dance, and use a light from the oven. I will never forget one night she made me go get a magnolia off a tree at Tech. It was very late, and a cop drove by. We were safe! :)

Keri Walker Taylor--we became best friends early in life. Her family moved to Ruston, and we became friends instantly. Most of my childhood memories have Keri in them. We have been through a lot together and her faith has remained strong through it all.

I loved my wedding day, and I am so thankful I had these wonderful friends by my side.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nephews and a Fender Bender

When I left Ruston, I brought back my sis and her 3 boys. They spent the week with me. We had a BLAST!!! My brother-in-law, Selwyn, came in Friday afternoon to pick up his family. We ate dinner and went to my inlaws for my family to see their house. It was getting late and everyone was tired. Jason took Owen back home in his truck so they could play a little PS2 before bedtime. My sister jumped in my car, and Selwyn had Davis Glen and Andrew. I was sitting at a red light with Selwyn behind me. BOOM. We had been hit. A BIG truck "said" he was stopped at the red light and took his foot off of the brake. Ummm...hello....if you look at Selwyn's car, you can tell he wasn't stopped. His whole rear end looks like a paper airplane ready for flight.

So we waited FOREVER for the police woman to show up and fill out a report. Selwyn, Ash and the boys made it home safely the next day, but with rope holding down the trunk full of their luggage.

So now I am making phone calls, emails, etc. trying to get my car fixed this week since I start teaching Jumpstart next week.

What a way to end an awesome week!!!

Now I am getting my classroom ready. I am using the survivor theme this year, so lots of changes have been made!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sara's Baby Shower

I came into Ruston this weekend to give Sara a baby shower. EmmaLeigh Mae will be here in September!!! We had a great time, and it was SO good to see some old faces.
A wonderful "Mrs. Nancy" cake was very cute, but tasted SOOOO good!!
Stacy came in (thanks Stacy!!!) and loaded Sara up with gifts. One of the favs was some Tech gear!!! Doesn't Sara look AMAZING?!!!

Monday morning I am loading my car with my sis and her 3 boys and heading to Texas. They will stay the week, so more pics and fun times will be shared!!!!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

Jason and I just bought almost 2 acres, and we're about to build a house. Well, our builder is! This is the sign to the entrance of our subdivision. It's new, so there are not a whole lot of houses built yet. The subdivision's pool, outdoor and indoor kitchen will be ready at the end of September. Hopefully our house won't be too far from being finished at that point!! Pray our house sells, the building process goes smoothly and the Lord will be glorified through everything. I have picked out everything, so hopefully I can sit back and watch now.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Tonight Jason and I met some friends for dinner. We had a little over an hour before the fireworks at the Bush Library, so we went for a quick game of Laser Tag! This was our first time to play. It was AWESOME!!! Of course, it was better for me since I won out of the 4 of us. We had the whole place to was perfect! Then we headed off for the fireworks. We found a perfect parking place and spot to set up. The weather was perfect! We really enjoyed ourselves.