Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

See message below...sorry for the craziness of this post. This is our sweet Ella!

Great room

Our house!

First, let me appologize for the photos. They are in NO order and are not turned the correct way. I am having issues with our AT&T connection and this computer doesn't have my photo program, so I am trying to do the best I can with what I have! :) Here is our home...still a work in progress! :)

This is our mailbox.

Back patio. Our garden is behind the trees. We added some bird feeders, plants, lemon tree, etc. since this pic was taken.
This is our entry. This was my mom's "medicine cabinet", so it has special meaning. Now it holds my cookbooks.

This is the entry/hall/dining room.

Hallway--this was taken for my sis so she can see the pics on the wall!

Broom closet--still need to hang hooks to hold all of it.

laundry room--excuse the mess! Jason's favorite part: the ice machine.

One guest room--still needs lots of work.

Extra bedroom continued.

Bathroom for guest bedrooms

Another guest bedroom. I got this furniture when I was 13. The little chair/desk is from my 6th grade classroom at A.E.P.

Guest bedroom with my furniture and desk. (from above)


My desk area

Corner of great room--still need to hang pic.

Great room


Another living area

View from entry

Jason's office: Aggie maroon

Bathroom for Jason's office

Our bedroom

Our bedroom

Master bathroom

Jason's side of the bathroom

My side of the bathroom. The blue blob is a pic of Louisiana one of my nephews drew! :)

Far away view of whole house.