Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to the radio, Hil!

Jason's cousin, Hillary, is now on the radio! Her band, Lady Antebellum, has a single out called "Love Don't Live Here!" Call and request it!!!

Not much else is going on around Aggieland! Parent conferences start next week, so I will be spending 24/7 at school trying to get those done. I got a "Happy Fall" gift on Friday from a student. Thought that was sweet!

For those of you that know my friend Dara (from MC), she had her baby last Wednesday. Jason and I were sitting at dinner at church and my phone rang. Saw it was Dara's number and was expecting her husband Sam to call and give me the update. When I said hello, it was Dara on the other end. I was like...WHAT?! I asked what she was doing and she said eating pie. Dara said she felt good, so why not call?! Crazy!

Getting closer to someone's birthday...home alone girl!!

Well, I have rambled enough! Better go get Jason from the TV and go to bed! Yes, we were at the A&M game and YES, he's watching the game AGAIN on TV. He's a true Aggie! UGH! :)

Off to dream land...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Haircut Anyone?!

For those of you that know my nephew Andrew, this will come as no surprise! I probably have told many of you, but I just found the pic. Remember I told you my nephews sang in the 4th of July program at Temple? Well, this story took place a few days before that.

Andrew is in the bathroom and VERY quiet...first clue something is going on. He's NEVER quiet or still!! So my sister walks in and sees Andrew with his scissors, cutting his hair. Andrew, what are you doing? Mom, I just wanted my hair a little shorter. So my sister looks and doesn't know what to do. By looking at the picture, you can tell there isn't much to do! The front part of his hair is GONE! So my sis, dealing with the youngest of 3 boys, laughs and goes on. Program in front of the Ruston gang?? No problem! Guess that's what happens with child #3!
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Friday, September 21, 2007


Jason and his dad went to the A&M and Miami game. Although the game was HORRIBLE, here are some pics of somethng GOOD to remember about the trip! :) This is the view from their hotel room.
Another view from their hotel room.
The beach. I am jealous I didn't get to go, but in a way, I am glad I didn't go. Jason is now watching the game AGAIN on TV. If only he got paid for all the coaching he does from the recliner!
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tomorrow (September 18th) would have been my mom's birthday. So...
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear momma,
Happy birthday to you!

For those of you that are blessed enough to still have your mom around, don't take her for granted. Call or email never know when it might be your last.

To those of you that are a momma, hug your kid a little tighter, leave notes for them, take lots of pictures...that might be the only thing they have left of you one day. Trust me, those are the things that will get them through some days!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Football Weekend...too much for me!

Whew! I think I am going to have a heart attack before Sunday morning! The Aggies went into THREE overtimes today. The game was at 2:30pm and needless to say, it was HOT!!! Right when the third OT started, it started POURING DOWN!! Yes, we stayed for it all! It was an interesting game, but the Aggies pulled it out. THEN I came home and listened to the La. Tech game. Another overtime game. And La. Tech lost. I hate that! But at least they played a close game. I must go calm down...this has been too much on me this weekend!! :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Gig 'em Aggies! WHOOP!

Last weekend was the first home game for the Aggies. Of course we won, and we also had a BLAST! This is the student section. They stand the ENTIRE game...whew!
Aggie band! AMAZING!
Block T formation!
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My classroom

This is my classroom. Soon, I will have a projector and a smart board...can't wait!
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

8 Random Things About Me!!

Linda tagged me and I am just now getting it...sorry Linda! So here I are 8 random facts about me. If anyone reads this and hasn't posted their 8, you're tagged!

1. I kissed a boy in kindergarten in the planetarium and to this day, I remember waiting out front of AEP at the end of the day for my mom. My K teacher kept giving me looks and I didn't want her to talk to my mom.

2. I used to pee in my sandbox because I didn't want to waste time going inside!

3. I used to do drive bys...Shan...shhhhhhhhhh!!!

4. I was head cheerleader in 8th grade. GO PUPS!

5. I sang a solo in a 4th of July program for church at a theater in Ruston.

6. The place where I sang that solo is where Jason sang once when he was a little boy. We were meant to be together way back then!! HA!

7. Mandy, Sara and I like Mariah Carey and an oven around Christmas...enough said!!

8. I have always wanted to fly and live until I was 112. I remember praying for those things when I was a little girl!

House Redone Part 2

This is our office. We moved Jason's desk to the side and moved the couch and dad's green chairs in. We also added part of the computer desk against the wall and it holds Jason's football and Aggie stuff. He said this is his favorite room. He LOVES those green chairs! hehehe!!
Notice the computer stand...and the lamp! This was a gift from the shower at Mrs. Kathy Shealy's house!
Desk against the chairs in room now!
Another view...with the doorway to our living room. Dad and you can see how we used the furniture!! Love y'all! Come visit!!
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My house---redone!

Like I said earlier, Jason and I decided NOT to sell our house. Since my dad sold his, we all got some furniture from it. So I redid some rooms in our house and here is the finished product. Daddy and Ash....these are for you! Dining room above. (This used to be where the little couch was with the 2 recliners...right when you walk through the front door!)
In the dining rom looking into the entrance...the cabinet thing that was in mom and dad's entrance.

This is the mirror that was above that little stand. That little stand is in our office.
This is the bed that was in the "crib" room at dad's house. I used the same khaki bedspread I had while living with Mandy...just added the blue...all for around $35.00! LOVE TJ Maxx!!! :)
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