Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leanna has a blog!!

So my friend, Leanna, has had a blog. I just THOUGHT we were besties!! She JUST NOW told me she has a blog!!! Can you believe it??? Go visit her site and tell her how wonderful it is!! This is her at our house playing the Wii. Isn't she precious?! She is from Georgia and is only in Texas for her husband to finish school at Texas A&M. WHOOP!! When you comment on her blog, make sure you tell her how WONDERFUL Texas is!! She THINKS she is moving back to Georgia when her husband, Wes, finishes school. So we have several years to brainwash her so they will stay in Texas forever! :)
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Job!

Jason is loving his new job!! He has been super busy training, but is glad he has the chance to learn everything before he hits the ground selling! We are also loving the company truck and company gas card! We went to fill up HALF a tank, and it cost $94.00!! It's amazing how many people come up to Jason wanting to buy things. With life insurance, they were running the opposite direction! hehe! We are so thankful the Lord has allowed Jason to have this job opportunity!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

North Carolina

Jason and I really enjoyed our time in NC. It was relaxing!!! I don't think I have gotten that much sleep since my mom made me take Sunday afternoon naps. The first pic is the sunset from my dad's cabin. His cabin is on a golf course, so one night we (dad, Margie, Jason and yours truly!) went for a walk. It was perfect weather!
We went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge one day. We made it to Cade's Cove as well. This is a pic of one of the many deer we saw. We also made a stop at BeeHive since one of dad's journalism grads is the manager there. A storm came, so we stayed inside and shopped. Crazy thing is, Jason bought something, and I came out empty handed!!! We ended up all going out to eat once the storm left. Fun times!
Anyone remember the movie Dirty Dancing? Well, some of it was filmed on Lake Lure. That is not far from my dad's cabin, so we made a day trip. Since I had been there many times, and we took the boat trip last time, we just stopped and shopped and made our way to a stream. It was beautiful!!
Last, but not least, we made taffy. As you can see from the book, I used to write when we would make it. In 1988, I wrote we made it, but it was no fun. Why? Because I had braces and couldn't eat any!! HA!! It was Jason's first taffy pull. At first he didn't care too much about it. But then he jumped in and had fun.
Daddy, thanks for a GREAT trip!!!! We love you and are SOOOO glad you're happy!!! God is good!!!
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Monday, June 16, 2008


Jason and I flew to Nashville for a long weekend before going to NC to see my dad and Margie. Jason's cousin, Hillary, was going to be performing, so we went to see all of the action. WOW...didn't realize what all we were in for! We got there Thursday night and went to a rehearsal for Jason's aunt, Linda. Then Friday we went to some fan parties that Jason's uncle, Lang, was in charge of. Lang owns a company (Music City Net) that does the stars websites and everything for the fans...parties, merchandise, etc. The two parties we got to go to were Sara Evans and Josh Turner. We put on a "staff" t-shirt, so we walked right in. The people that had been in line, in the heat, for several hours didn't like us pulling up to the front door, parking and walking right in. Oh well...gotta know people! :) I never really listened to Sara or Josh, but became a fan instantly. Especially Sara...she was awesome. A very family oriented person and touched my heart with her story of everything that has gone in the past years and how her family helped her. (She's the one that dropped out of Dancing with the Stars because of her husband's affair.) Several members of her band are her family members, so she spoke to them heart to heart. Very touching! Then that night, Hillary and her group (Lady Antebellum) performed at LP Field...where the Titans play. Keith Urban was the surpise guest. It was AWESOME!!! Then Saturday night was Lady A's fan party. I soon was reminded there are some WEIRDO people in the world!! These people know WAY too much about these artists and literally get mad when they don't get "their" spot or someone gets in their way. The pics below are from their party. Notice all of the cameras in the second pic.

Sorry the pics aren't that great, but it was dark. Their party started at 11pm, so by the time they got finished with pics, etc. it was almost 3am. I felt like a college girl again!! Then Sunday morning we went to see Linda and others in a Sunday morning deal. It was neat. It lasted a long time, but it was good. Then off to NC we went....more on that trip later!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Jason and I made it to NC from Nashville. I took this pic a day after we got here. The outside temp is 61, while the inside temp of the car was 72. I can't remember the last time I had my outside temp LOWER than my inside temp!! I could get used to this!! More to come on our trip later!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jumpin' For Joy!

SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're off to Nashville to see Hillary and Lady A do all of their stuff, and then we are heading to NC to see my dad. Then Jason starts his new job!!
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