Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Pride and Joy!

Most people blog about their kids! Me? I blog about our pups. Here are some pics of a few of our girls and boy! :)
This is Bo--the only male. Bo is short for Gumbo! :) Gotta keep my Louisiana roots!

This is who we are calling Tux....notice the white stripe? She is SO precious! She is super smart and follows Ella EVERYWHERE! She is very inquisitive and will make a wonderful hunting dog.
Here's another pic of Bo! He's outnumbered with 6 sisters!
Here's one we call Oreo. She was crying to get her pic taken. She likes to snuggle and play with her siblings. She is a SUPER sweetie!!
One of the pups got picked out today. It was bittersweet. It someone that teaches in CSISD and lives right next to where I teach. So I will be able to keep up with Bella. Isn't that a cute name? They wanted to remember their mom, Ella. Too sweet! They are coming to get her the day before Thanksgiving.

That is about all we are up to these days. I am really ready for a break from school. I haven't had a break since school started, which is very hard. I have a SUPER SWEET class this year, but we all need a break. Basketball is starting up, which means FUN and also some late nights.

Come see us and our pups if you're around!!!
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Shandra said...

so sweet!! how old are they now?

Carrie said...

They will be 6 weeks on Tuesday!!

jill said...

I don't see how you do it. We just got a new puppy and I'm learning patience :) Can't imagine 7!

Elizabeth said...

They are adorable.

Erinn and Trey said...

We have a "Gumbo" too! Love it!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

so stinking cute. I found this through kellys korner (of course) and am drawn to any posts with labs. If I lived close, I would have to come get one of your pups. I'm a sucker for labs. and our lab needs a little friend.

Kim Elkins said...

Are any of your labs not spoken for? We lost our 13 year old chocolate, and we are ready for another one to love.

Carrie said...

Kim--we have 4 black females and 1 yellow male left. They are PRECIOUS! We took them to the vet today to get their first round of shots. They are ready for a new home! Email me at

ana said...

Pretty blog!

Emma Thompson said...

These adorable dogs, first dog fur and my favorite color. friv 4