Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We are now home and relaxing. It was a fun, eventful trip to Tyler and Ruston!! My nephews got a Wii, and Jason and I LOVED it!! :)

Jason and I got rid of our home phone line, so no more DSL. We have the wireless card from AT&T, and it's SLOW!! Jason's boss is paying for it, so we can't complain, but it makes checking email and looking at blogs a challenge!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Shandra said...

about time you updated!!! sorry your internet is stinkin' but you can still check at work...right?

Carrie said...

I can...but I haven't been to work since we got out! We go back on Wednesday, the 2nd.

The Wests said...

Hey girl, we have had a sick kiddo this weekend and have missed y'all at bball games! See you soon.

Shandra said...

okay, just needed to know that you'll be able to check at work.

i saw your comment you left me. does your head still hurt? i think my headache was from my incision. he said that the stuff from my cyst went into my skull instead of coming out. not sure if that was why or b/c it was a mess to get out. i'm sure you appreciate this gross comment! :) anyway, hope you're feeling better!