Friday, January 18, 2008

Sleep Anyone?!

Jason snores, yells, kicks, etc! After being married for over 3 years, I had enough!!! Jason went to see the doctor about a month ago for a sinus infection. He asked about his sleeping patterns. So the doctor told him to do a presleep study. He had to wear this thing one night that recorded certain things. He went the next morning to turn it in. They called within hours saying he needed to go to the sleep study place for an evaluation. He went last week. They called within a day, and told him he tested positive for sleep apnea. They lady in charge laughed at Jason when she woke him up. She asked if he remembered certain things like yelling, kicking, etc. ALL the things I told him he did that he thought I made up. He didn't remember a thing.

So now he has to go back for another night so they can test certain levels of oxygen, etc. I can't wait! I can't even describe a night with Jason. I get VERY LITTLE deep sleep. That is why Jason has to go back. They said they need 4 hours of deep sleep, and he didn't get it last time. So now I know why I am so tired all the time. I am not getting into my deep sleep.

So hopefully it's just a few more nights of no sleep!! Until then...yawn...I will continue to be sleepy!


Shandra said...

i'm sorry but that's hilarious!

how the heck did you do that to your page???? i tried a background i liked but the durn thing wouldn't work!!! it ganked up my whole page. guess i'll have to have matt help me. ugh

Kim said...

i finally convinced luis to have a sleep study done and he has sleep apnea too. during his study, they recorded 121 times in 1 hour, that he stopped breathing!! they even recommended that he not drive until his problem is resolved. does he have the equipment he needs though? NOOO! He says that the mask is uncomfortable and he doesn't like it. BOO-freakin-HOO!