Sunday, July 29, 2007

Worn out!!

SOLD! My dad's house wasn't even really on the market and it sold. Crazy!! Why can't I be so lucky?! I was going to Ruston this weekend to have a nice, relaxing weekend with my 10 year old nephew...turned ten today!!

Well, that changed when I got the call dad's house was sold. Jennifer and I got the uhaul and headed to Ruston. By Sunday afternoon, NOTHING more would fit. Jennifer was lucky to have a seat! hehe! We pulled into my driveway around 7:20pm. With strict instructions NOT to unload it, that was even more of a reason to get it unloaded! Our husbands were in Fort Worth together, so we decided we could do it! About 2 hours later, we were dropping off the uhaul!!

I am worn out, but SO glad it's done. I still have a little left to get in Ruston, but I got the majority of it. I don't know what I would have done without Jennifer!!! Bless her heart, she wouldn't go home until EVERYTHING was unloaded. That's a true friend!!

One more hour until my husband gets home. He will be so proud!!


Shandra said...

wow! that's awesome!! glad it sold so quickly.

Mandy said...

What all did you get? Furniture and stuff? Cool!

Carrie said...

Yes...dining room table, chairs, odds and ends...TOO much stuff for our house! Thank goodness for a garage! HA!

Deborah said...

Very impressive. I think I would of left the stuff in the truck and gone to bed.