Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Group!

Lady Antebellum....this is a new group that is coming out and their first single will come out in September. Their first single is titled "Love Don't Live Here" and you need to call and request it in September. Follow the link to hear/see more. The girl in the group is Hillary...Jason's cousin. She is AMAZING and is just as pretty on the inside as the outside.

For those of you that went to my wedding, she sang "Holy Ground" with Linda and Lang. That's before she signed a record deal! hehe!

Her group is SUPER excited about what is coming and I can't wait!! I just hope Hillary remembers the little people when she becomes rich and famous! hehe!

Check them out....(you can also go to and click on their myspace page to see more!)



Shandra said...

that's great! i remember her from the wedding. she rode w/ me to the lewis'. so i guess that makes me a little person! :)

Carrie said...

hahaha!!! I always remind her to remember us! :) In fact, I told her today!!! She said they would be coming to Texas soon to talk on different radio stations about their single. She mentioned Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, etc. I'll let you know when so you can listen! How are the precious boys?!! I think it's time for a video!!!!!!!!!!

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