Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I took off for Ruston Friday after school and returned Tuesday night. I was nervous about driving because of the snow, but it was not bad at all. This is Owen, Davis Glen and me at the TECH baseball game on Sunday afternoon.

This is "Grandmother Margie" with Andrew. We (Ashley, Margie and me) went shopping one afternoon. That was NOT Andrew's definition of fun!! Grandmother Margie took Andrew to see the lobster while Ashley ran to the craft section. I snuck up to find this and hear GM and A talking about the lobster. It was sweet!

Wouldn't be a trip to Ashley's house without playing the Wii. My dad even got into it. My dad and Selwyn are trying out the golf game.

I returned home safely. Now I am getting ready for a garage sale. WOO HOO! hehehehe! I'm loving this week called Spring Break!

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Shandra said...

looks like you had a fun visit. you forgot to mention that i kept you company for some of the way home!! :)

Michelle said...

i LOVE garage sales!! i always like to see what others don't want anymore. :) on saturday mornings emily & i always go and get donuts. she always reminds me to look for the signs.

Elizabeth said...

I love hearing about your family and seeing pictures.

Michelle said...

BOTH, but i really love having them. sometimes we have them at our house and we are not even selling anything. our neighborhood seems to get a lot of garage sale traffic.

auDi tHis woRld said...

gotta love trips to Ruston....ah, love the sound of it, "Ruston"!! :)