Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sara Moore

First, I am no longer swollen. BUT...I feel like a snake. I am peeling ALL over my face, arms and neck. GROSS!! Some comments from my kids have been: Mrs. Owen, you have something on your face. Oh Mrs. Owen, I thought you had crumbs all over your face. Mrs. Owen, do you know you're sunburned?! Oh how I love the words of 4th graders. They are precious!!

I did use the vinegar idea, Kim. My dad's wife Margie told me the secret. Talk about smelling badly! Whew!! Hopefully in a few days the peeling will stop, and I will be back to normal.

Now on to Sara....I am trying to get her to start a blog. So please post a comment to her and let her know you want her to start one, too! If you don't know Sara, tell her you would like to meet her by reading her blog! :)

I love you Sara Less!!!!!!


Shandra said...

glad your feeling better!!

sara, you SHOULD start a blog!! it's fun catching up w/ old friends!

Michelle said...

sara"i" catherine!! start a blog!

Ryan, Tara & Owen said...

Sara stinkin' Moore, you need a blog so we can all know what the heck you've been up to. I mean, when's the last time you heard from me?! It would be half the time if you had a blog (so once every 4 years or so)!

Ryan H