Monday, June 16, 2008


Jason and I flew to Nashville for a long weekend before going to NC to see my dad and Margie. Jason's cousin, Hillary, was going to be performing, so we went to see all of the action. WOW...didn't realize what all we were in for! We got there Thursday night and went to a rehearsal for Jason's aunt, Linda. Then Friday we went to some fan parties that Jason's uncle, Lang, was in charge of. Lang owns a company (Music City Net) that does the stars websites and everything for the fans...parties, merchandise, etc. The two parties we got to go to were Sara Evans and Josh Turner. We put on a "staff" t-shirt, so we walked right in. The people that had been in line, in the heat, for several hours didn't like us pulling up to the front door, parking and walking right in. Oh well...gotta know people! :) I never really listened to Sara or Josh, but became a fan instantly. Especially Sara...she was awesome. A very family oriented person and touched my heart with her story of everything that has gone in the past years and how her family helped her. (She's the one that dropped out of Dancing with the Stars because of her husband's affair.) Several members of her band are her family members, so she spoke to them heart to heart. Very touching! Then that night, Hillary and her group (Lady Antebellum) performed at LP Field...where the Titans play. Keith Urban was the surpise guest. It was AWESOME!!! Then Saturday night was Lady A's fan party. I soon was reminded there are some WEIRDO people in the world!! These people know WAY too much about these artists and literally get mad when they don't get "their" spot or someone gets in their way. The pics below are from their party. Notice all of the cameras in the second pic.

Sorry the pics aren't that great, but it was dark. Their party started at 11pm, so by the time they got finished with pics, etc. it was almost 3am. I felt like a college girl again!! Then Sunday morning we went to see Linda and others in a Sunday morning deal. It was neat. It lasted a long time, but it was good. Then off to NC we went....more on that trip later!
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Shandra said...

and to think she sang at your rehearsal dinner before she was famous! :)

um...tell jason he needs to hook me up next time i go to nashville. or maybe i should just plan my next trip when y'all go!!

B-HO said...

Hey Girl!!Sounds like a blast and definitely put me down to help with Sara's ya!

Mandy said...

sounds like y'all had a great time. Unfortunately I'll be in Florida during the shower. :( Have fun, but not too much without me. :) How's Jason's new job going?

Jennifer said...

soooooooo awesome! ok, I for sure want to go next year!!! (since I am inviting myself)!! :)