Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sara's Baby Shower

I came into Ruston this weekend to give Sara a baby shower. EmmaLeigh Mae will be here in September!!! We had a great time, and it was SO good to see some old faces.
A wonderful "Mrs. Nancy" cake was very cute, but tasted SOOOO good!!
Stacy came in (thanks Stacy!!!) and loaded Sara up with gifts. One of the favs was some Tech gear!!! Doesn't Sara look AMAZING?!!!

Monday morning I am loading my car with my sis and her 3 boys and heading to Texas. They will stay the week, so more pics and fun times will be shared!!!!
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Leanna said...

I LOVE THAT CAKE! It is SOOO cute! Looks like y'all had a great time! Can't wait to meet your sis and nephews!

Shandra said...

aww...sara looks great. she doesn't even have a belly yet! how far along is she? glad y'all had a good time!! those cakes were cute!

have fun w/ your sis and her family.

Elizabeth said...

Hope you are having fun with Ashley. Tell her I said hi.

Michelle said...

i'm so sorry i had to miss it!! that diaper cake looks yummy too. :)