Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nephews and a Fender Bender

When I left Ruston, I brought back my sis and her 3 boys. They spent the week with me. We had a BLAST!!! My brother-in-law, Selwyn, came in Friday afternoon to pick up his family. We ate dinner and went to my inlaws for my family to see their house. It was getting late and everyone was tired. Jason took Owen back home in his truck so they could play a little PS2 before bedtime. My sister jumped in my car, and Selwyn had Davis Glen and Andrew. I was sitting at a red light with Selwyn behind me. BOOM. We had been hit. A BIG truck "said" he was stopped at the red light and took his foot off of the brake. Ummm...hello....if you look at Selwyn's car, you can tell he wasn't stopped. His whole rear end looks like a paper airplane ready for flight.

So we waited FOREVER for the police woman to show up and fill out a report. Selwyn, Ash and the boys made it home safely the next day, but with rope holding down the trunk full of their luggage.

So now I am making phone calls, emails, etc. trying to get my car fixed this week since I start teaching Jumpstart next week.

What a way to end an awesome week!!!

Now I am getting my classroom ready. I am using the survivor theme this year, so lots of changes have been made!!