Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to the radio, Hil!

Jason's cousin, Hillary, is now on the radio! Her band, Lady Antebellum, has a single out called "Love Don't Live Here!" Call and request it!!!

Not much else is going on around Aggieland! Parent conferences start next week, so I will be spending 24/7 at school trying to get those done. I got a "Happy Fall" gift on Friday from a student. Thought that was sweet!

For those of you that know my friend Dara (from MC), she had her baby last Wednesday. Jason and I were sitting at dinner at church and my phone rang. Saw it was Dara's number and was expecting her husband Sam to call and give me the update. When I said hello, it was Dara on the other end. I was like...WHAT?! I asked what she was doing and she said eating pie. Dara said she felt good, so why not call?! Crazy!

Getting closer to someone's birthday...home alone girl!!

Well, I have rambled enough! Better go get Jason from the TV and go to bed! Yes, we were at the A&M game and YES, he's watching the game AGAIN on TV. He's a true Aggie! UGH! :)

Off to dream land...


Shandra said...

wow! i'm impressed eating after having a baby. i was busy getting sick...eww! hmmm...wonder who has a bday coming up.

Michelle said...

little landry's things are on their way! :)

when's shan's birthday? my 36th (!) is friday. :)

Carrie said...

OH wow!!!! Thanks for finishing that stuff up! Happy early b-day!! Shan's is the 13th!

Allen Smith said...

Wow, great to find you too! It was fun to look at your blog and catch up! Do you keep in touch with Sara Moore? Meredith Davis and I keep in touch and Brandy Howard some too. How do you like College Station? ~Sandi