Saturday, September 1, 2007

8 Random Things About Me!!

Linda tagged me and I am just now getting it...sorry Linda! So here I are 8 random facts about me. If anyone reads this and hasn't posted their 8, you're tagged!

1. I kissed a boy in kindergarten in the planetarium and to this day, I remember waiting out front of AEP at the end of the day for my mom. My K teacher kept giving me looks and I didn't want her to talk to my mom.

2. I used to pee in my sandbox because I didn't want to waste time going inside!

3. I used to do drive bys...Shan...shhhhhhhhhh!!!

4. I was head cheerleader in 8th grade. GO PUPS!

5. I sang a solo in a 4th of July program for church at a theater in Ruston.

6. The place where I sang that solo is where Jason sang once when he was a little boy. We were meant to be together way back then!! HA!

7. Mandy, Sara and I like Mariah Carey and an oven around Christmas...enough said!!

8. I have always wanted to fly and live until I was 112. I remember praying for those things when I was a little girl!


Shandra said...

i don't get #3. ;) and #2?...ewww!

Carrie said...

Yes you, icee, boys...I did it in high school as well...but we used to do it a lot together! :) Now do you know?!

shan said...

i plead the 5th!

linda said...

I think I was supposed to let the people I tagged know that they were tagged, but apparently I got distracted somewhere along the line... Thanks for posting your 8 facts, though! I agree with Shandra on #2 (what?!?). :)

Michelle said...

where is sara these days??

you should get extra credit for confessing to the peeing in the sandbox thing!

Carrie said...

Sara is in BR. She is teaching at a private school.

I like the extra credit thing! :)

Michelle said...

does she blog or have facebook or anything?

Carrie said...

Nope...sad, huh?!