Saturday, September 22, 2007

Haircut Anyone?!

For those of you that know my nephew Andrew, this will come as no surprise! I probably have told many of you, but I just found the pic. Remember I told you my nephews sang in the 4th of July program at Temple? Well, this story took place a few days before that.

Andrew is in the bathroom and VERY quiet...first clue something is going on. He's NEVER quiet or still!! So my sister walks in and sees Andrew with his scissors, cutting his hair. Andrew, what are you doing? Mom, I just wanted my hair a little shorter. So my sister looks and doesn't know what to do. By looking at the picture, you can tell there isn't much to do! The front part of his hair is GONE! So my sis, dealing with the youngest of 3 boys, laughs and goes on. Program in front of the Ruston gang?? No problem! Guess that's what happens with child #3!
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Shandra said...

i can see this happening in my future! oh my! he sounds like my andrew...never still OR quiet... but a cutie!!

Carrie said...

Just wait...your time is coming! :)

Mandy said...

I need a haircut, but I think I'll find someone in the Dallas area instead. Although I bet he'd be cheaper than my guy. :)

Deborah said...

At least he is a boy! A friend of Hannah's did that, she now looks like a boy!

Carrie said...

Mandy--I think I would stick to your guy in Dallas! :)

Deb--I was born with a curl on top of my head. I ended up cutting it off when I got a little older! :)