Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Second Home

Welcome to Reed Arena...home of the Texas Aggies basketball games!! It's also where I feel like I live these days. For the past several days this is my schedule: Leave my house at 7A.M. Teach all day, work until 5P.M., meet Jason for dinner, then a game at 8P.M. I finally make it home after 1oP.M. and start my duties as a wife...clean, wash clothes, etc. After today, I had to stop! So I sent Jason to the game solo. I stayed home and set my table for Thanksgiving. I feel like I got a lot done! Y'all would probably laugh and be like...that is ALL you did??! But for someone who has done very little at home this week, I feel like I have done a lot! Thank goodness for my WONDERFUL husband that understands and washes the clothes, starts the dishwasher, etc.
Back to my show...Without A Trace. I have SO many Dr. Phils and Oprahs to day!!!! :) And you ask when we will have kids?! Who has time for that?! :)
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Mandy said...

Are y'all going to be in Ruston any next week???

jill said...

gosh- he is into basketball too? at least i'm done after football season.

shandra said...

that is a LONG day! my body gives out come 9 o'clock!

Carrie said...

I got him addicted to basketball, so it's my fault! He was ok with the men's team...but he thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted season tickets to the women's, too!! Now we loves it as well! :)

The Wests said...

We just got our season tickets, so see you guys at Reed !!