Thursday, November 8, 2007

Six years ago today...November 9th

I was teaching in Spearsville, LA. I had to work that night at a basketball game, so I was walking from my classroom to the gym with some other teachers. Ring, ring. My cell phone. It was heart stopped. "Hello?" "Carrie, this is dad. You better come home." "Dad, is she dead, yet?" "Sweetheart, it won't be long. Hurry home." "Dad, let me hear her breathe." A slow, unsteady breath was heard on the other end. "Carrie, you better come quickly." "Daddy, tell mom I love her." Click.

I stood in shock. My teacher friend, Mrs. Stone, saw me and knew what was going on. I fell to the ground. She told the others to stay with me while she went to get her van. Before I knew it, I was in her van, flashers on, making the 45 minute trip to Ruston.

God is so good. Mrs. Stone's husband, at the time, worked for the Sheriff 's Department. She called him and asked him to radio in she was heading to Ruston...going way too fast!!! Truckers, cars, everyone moved over and let us by. We made it to Ruston under 30 minutes. We pulled into the driveway, and I got out. I walked inside and my dad and sister were sitting on the couch with my mom between them. My mom was propped up, and my dad was holding her mouth closed so I could see her one last time looking "normal." At that moment, they pronounced her dead. I went to sit beside her. My worst nightmare had just come true.

Earlier that day, I prayed for God to take my mom home. She thought the flowers were talking to her, she wasn't eating, her life as we knew it was over. But as I sat next to her lifeless body, I wondered why I had prayed that.

Six years later, God is still teaching me why. Some days are easier than others. Some days I honestly go all day without even thinking about it. Other days, I think about it 24/7.

But no matter what, I am thankful for the days I had my mom on earth. Even though there are some days I want her back on earth, I am quickly reminded this earth is not home. My mom is sitting at the feet of Jesus, singing her heart out! I can only pray I bring someone closer to accepting Christ so they can one day sit at the feet of Jesus as well.

And until that day that I am called home, I will wait patiently and be still...and know He is God!


jill said...

WOW - thanks for sharing. I will be praying for your family this week as you remember the events of yesterday.

Shandra said...

awww...carrie, i had never heard the whole story. i hope you are doing okay.

Elizabeth said...

Your sweet sweet mom is missed by many! I definitely have good memories of spending time with her. I can only imagine how much you must miss her.