Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching Up!

So much has been going on!!! First I had TAKS tests. I had math one day and reading the next. That was Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Friday, we took a field trip to Austin. We rented charter buses and left around 6:45AM. We got back around 6PM, and I had to go to Relay for Life. I was the captain for my school, so I had to go. But when I got there, it was so nice. The weather was PERFECT, and I got to relax and enjoy the night. It was a nice tribute to the people that are currently battling cancer and a nice memorial for those that have lost the battle.

Now it's on to getting ready for the end of the year. Since my school only goes to 4th grade, we do a lot for the 4th graders. Graduation parties, pictures and then the big day of graduation itself!!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!! Last year, I was never even told thanks. This year, I have gotten several things a day from students and my room mom. My p'pal and her staff have had a luau theme and have spoiled us rotten!! It's been WONDERFUL!!

Tomorrow is beach day, and it's my last theme day for Student Council. Whew! Can't believe the end is almost here!

I was also chosen to be on the team to find our school a new counselor, so that should be fun!

Jason and I have a trip planned to Nashville for fan fare and then to NC to see my dad and Margie. I can't wait to see Hillary and other artists perform in Nashville. Then it will be nice to enjoy cooler weather in NC!!

July 17th will be our 4th wedding anniversary. Where does time go?! It's so wonderful!! God is SO good!

I hope all the moms have a wonderful mother's day. For those of you that have your mom around, give her a hug. Make sure you hug your kiddos as well. I would give anything to have a hug from my mom right now.

Sorry for no pics. Life has been SOOO busy! I am doing well to get out the door with myself, much less a camera!!!


B-HO said...

Thought of you today and said a prayer for ya!! Hope you are well!!
Miss ya! And if you need any other hostesses for Sara's shower I would love to help host...LOVE YOU!