Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

For some reason this year my birthday was the best ever. My partner teacher's b-day was Wednesday, so we celebrated ALL week!! Jason got me a present a week early, so my b-day celebration lasted a while.
I woke up Friday morning to a card and this banner hanging. I looked and noticed the candles were moved. I was like...who did that? Then I noticed the banner. My sweet husband did this Thursday night after I went to bed.

I walked into my classroom with this big gift sitting on my back table. My sweet teaching partner got me a gift.
My sweet teaching partner also decorated my door. She has the kids sign/write things on it. SOOOO sweet! I think I teach the sweetest kids in the WORLD!! Last week was teacher appreciation week, and I got gifts DAILY! Then I got more gifts for my b-day. I am so blessed and do not deserve to spend each day with these precious kiddos. I am going to miss them SO much! I LOVE being the oldest grade in my school, but now I am seeing the down side. When I tell them goodbye on May 30th, it really will be goodbye. I am used to seeing them again in the fall when they are in 5th grade. But not this year. Sad times for me!

Last, but not least, my b-day cake. It's not a Nancy cake, but it's close. Yes, it's from SAMS, but it is SOOOO good!!!
Thank you all for the b-day wishes, calls and texts. Sorry I didn't text back, but it costs me to text. ( And for the texter that asked, I don't think Stacey Johnson ever got married! hehehe!)
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Shandra said...

oh my gosh! i'm cracking up!!!!! too funny. anywho, glad you had a good birthday! that's sweet about jason decorating. what a man!

Dara said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Carrie Claire! I miss you!

Elizabeth said...

That was so sweet of Jason! I am very impressed.