Sunday, November 25, 2007

Watch Out!!

Thanksgiving was over, all was put I thought...why don't I go ahead and get my Christmas stuff out?! So I went up in the attic and started getting all my Christmas stuff together. I was moving all the boxes towards the stairs to move them down. My left foot was on the right board, and I was trying to move my right foot to that same spot. I guess I slipped or missed the board since I was holding a big box. Next thing I know, my leg is down in the garage. So now we have a hole in our garage, and I have a HUGE bruise and 2 holes in my leg. So between the gash in my finger, the bruise and holes in my leg, I am looking quite lovely! :) So be careful getting things down from the attic. Jason put boards up in most of the attic...guess we need to add a board for that one spot my foot found!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving! Word to the careful using the electric knife when cutting the turkey! I sliced my finger open while cutting mine tonight. I should have gone to the ER to get it sewn up, but I didn't have time! So now I am sitting here with a big gash in my finger. It looks oh so lovely!! Hopefully the skin will somehow get together!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

George Bush Library

The 4th graders went to George Bush Library last week. They just reopened it since they redid a lot of things. It was nice. We had a great time!!! Below is our class picture out front. This is the BEST class ever!!!
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Second Home

Welcome to Reed Arena...home of the Texas Aggies basketball games!! It's also where I feel like I live these days. For the past several days this is my schedule: Leave my house at 7A.M. Teach all day, work until 5P.M., meet Jason for dinner, then a game at 8P.M. I finally make it home after 1oP.M. and start my duties as a wife...clean, wash clothes, etc. After today, I had to stop! So I sent Jason to the game solo. I stayed home and set my table for Thanksgiving. I feel like I got a lot done! Y'all would probably laugh and be like...that is ALL you did??! But for someone who has done very little at home this week, I feel like I have done a lot! Thank goodness for my WONDERFUL husband that understands and washes the clothes, starts the dishwasher, etc.
Back to my show...Without A Trace. I have SO many Dr. Phils and Oprahs to day!!!! :) And you ask when we will have kids?! Who has time for that?! :)
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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Six years ago today...November 9th

I was teaching in Spearsville, LA. I had to work that night at a basketball game, so I was walking from my classroom to the gym with some other teachers. Ring, ring. My cell phone. It was heart stopped. "Hello?" "Carrie, this is dad. You better come home." "Dad, is she dead, yet?" "Sweetheart, it won't be long. Hurry home." "Dad, let me hear her breathe." A slow, unsteady breath was heard on the other end. "Carrie, you better come quickly." "Daddy, tell mom I love her." Click.

I stood in shock. My teacher friend, Mrs. Stone, saw me and knew what was going on. I fell to the ground. She told the others to stay with me while she went to get her van. Before I knew it, I was in her van, flashers on, making the 45 minute trip to Ruston.

God is so good. Mrs. Stone's husband, at the time, worked for the Sheriff 's Department. She called him and asked him to radio in she was heading to Ruston...going way too fast!!! Truckers, cars, everyone moved over and let us by. We made it to Ruston under 30 minutes. We pulled into the driveway, and I got out. I walked inside and my dad and sister were sitting on the couch with my mom between them. My mom was propped up, and my dad was holding her mouth closed so I could see her one last time looking "normal." At that moment, they pronounced her dead. I went to sit beside her. My worst nightmare had just come true.

Earlier that day, I prayed for God to take my mom home. She thought the flowers were talking to her, she wasn't eating, her life as we knew it was over. But as I sat next to her lifeless body, I wondered why I had prayed that.

Six years later, God is still teaching me why. Some days are easier than others. Some days I honestly go all day without even thinking about it. Other days, I think about it 24/7.

But no matter what, I am thankful for the days I had my mom on earth. Even though there are some days I want her back on earth, I am quickly reminded this earth is not home. My mom is sitting at the feet of Jesus, singing her heart out! I can only pray I bring someone closer to accepting Christ so they can one day sit at the feet of Jesus as well.

And until that day that I am called home, I will wait patiently and be still...and know He is God!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Living Museum

We have been working on a project called Living Museum for about a month. Friday was presentation day. I am SOOOO proud of my kids! It started with them picking a famous person to do research on. They researched, wrote a report about that person, then made a poster. Then it was time to write and memorize a 2 minute speech. Finally, time to "come to life!" Friday, for an hour, each student became their person and did their speech each time someone pushed their red button. Needless to say, they were WIPED OUT afterwards, but they did an OUTSTANDING job!!!!!!! Even my resource kids it, and I wanted to cry on Friday because I was SO proud!! I wasn't sure what to expect since this is my first year at Pebble Creek. But I was blown away by my kids. I feel like a proud momma!! Enjoy the pics...even though they don't show all the hard work my kids did!!!

Not much else is going on in the Owen household! Basketball season is here, so life will get even busier during the week!! I love it though! Hope everyone is doing well!!
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